WILLIAM ROSE - Born Abt. 1622 in England or Scotland, and died Abt. 1680 in Surry Co., Virginia. He married ANNE(ANN) Bef. 1650 in England.

William was in the Colony by 1650, though there is a possibility he was here even earlier, or that he made more than one trip to Virginia. If he did indeed arrive earlier, the records would not be in Surry Co., for it was not formed until 1652 from James City Co. The latter records unfortunately were destroyed in the Richmond fire during the Civil War (where they had been sent for safekeeping). 

William ROSE married, probably bef 1650, to Anne, whose maiden name is unknown. She also was born in distant lands, and came with her husband to Virginia. She outlived him - Wm. ROSE d. in 1671/72 at the age of 49, which left her to raise their children, some of whom were still very young. Anne probably remarried very soon - there was a shortage of women in the colony and widows often re-married several times. Her deed of gift recorded in 1672 in which she is called a widow might have been made in preparation of a second marriage, for it was common for a widow to make a gift of her deceased husband's property before entering a 2nd marriage. However, if she did re-marry the facts are not known to us, and her date of death is also unknown.

RICHARD ROSE - Born Abt. 1668 in Surry County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1736 in Surry County, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH SOWERBY Abt. 1689 in Virginia, daughter of FRANCIS SOWERBY and KATHERINE.


RICHARD ROSE JR - Born Abt. 1690 in Surry County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1754 in Sussex County, Virginia. He married ANNE HORTON Bef. 1727, daughter of THOMAS HORTON and ANN VINCENT.

ROBERT ROSE - Born 1737 in Southampton County, Virginia and died in 1820 in Edgecomb County, North Carolina. He Married FRANCES JONES.

MATTHEW ROSE - Born 1772, North Carolina and died April 1858, Marshall Co., Kentucky. He married FAITH HOUSE in 1790 in Edgecomb County, North Carolina, daughter of John and Mary House.

JOHN ROSE - Born January 12 1792 in Edgecomb County, North Carolina and died August 27 1886 in Henry County, Tennessee. He married NANCY ROSE daughter of Rueben Rose and Martha Mason.

KINDRED CARTER ROSE - Born December 1823 in Henry County, Tennessee and died 1903, Randolph County, Arkansas. He married Martha Aurena Adams Rose.

WILLIAM WASHINGTON ROSE - Born February 22 1858 and died April 16 1927, Randolph County Arkansas. He married Martha J Hogan Rose (1856 - 1912) (Mother of William Lonzo Rose) and Annie Cordell Rose.

WILLIAM LONZO ROSE - Born March 22 1881 in Randolph County, Arkansas and died August 29 1963 in Randolph County, Arkansas. He married Ada Dell Flannery Rose (1886 - 1921).

ELMER EARL ROSE - January 12 1912 in Randolph County, Arkansas and died June 7 1997 in Randolph County, Arkansas. He Married  Rema Marie Collier Knoche (1919 - 2008).